mmm, C O L O R ! today i present to you the art of kim macconnel. his work is like some sort of optical confection—so indulgent to look at, full of bright hues and these glorious color combinations. now i don't know about the rest of you, but around these parts we're having a second winter (okay, it's still about 50 degrees outside), after being teased by three sweet summer days. sigh. anyway, so it's nice to see these. they look like california.

which is appropriate, since that is where macconnel lives now. although he is actually a native of oklahoma. speaking of places he's been, i may as well mention that his paintings are inspired by his travels around the world, as well as picasso's method of "[lifting images] from the fabric of tribal society" (artworks magazine, winter 2010).

i hope summer comes soon.
music festival time is coming up, however. things are looking uP!

happy wednesday.