linda c

for some reason i've been interested in paintings lately. i saw some images by linda christensen in artworks magazine and i was intrigued—her paintings are in the impressionist vein, but some of them are laced with unexpected lines that draw the eye to each edge + corner of the canvas.

apparently, christensen only uses female subjects, because, she says, women are more expressive than men. at any rate, i quite like her work. they do make me imagine what might be going on in the subject's life, what she's thinking of, doing dishes or cleaning up. or whatever it is she is doing.

you can see more of christensen's work here, and read her blog here.

hmm, monday... well, here we go.


  1. Captivating work! I love this blog, hope you keep writing it. I see and learn about people, art, books and other things I would never know about had I not read it here.

  2. what a lovely comment. :) i'll keep writing, ne'er you fear.


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