recently, i came upon some delightful independent food publications. i promptly subscribed to them (my first subscriptions as an adult, hurrah!) and waited impatiently for the first ones to arrive.

the first to land in my mailbox was the beautiful, brooklyn-based diner journal. i found out about dj from miss moss—i loved the photos and description she posted, and i also loved that this magazine looked so different from other food magazines. it's a slender booklet, 3-hole-punched, filled with photography, stories, serious food writing, poetry and a plethora of other happy things. i got my first issue over the weekend and have been savoring it ever since. yum. have a look.

if i light a sparkler, will the fire 
department come?
the fire department is here?

what are you filling out?
a film that reminds you of food,
a food that reminds you of film.

this is yours make what you
want of it. a piece of leather.
here leah, honey.

this is issue #17, and it's built around the idea of the dinner party as odyssey. hence the quote on the back cover, and the bits of conversation twining around photos, looking like epic poetry on the page. it's seriously g l o r i o u s.

i will continue to page through issues of bon appetit and saveur, but i'm only happy subscribing to this type of down-to-earth food publication, with its unassuming, wild, smart personality.

the other thing i subscribed to is mcsweeney's newly hatched food publication, lucky peach, written for and by people who are crazy 'bout eats. the first issue comes out in june and i am so jazzed. it's mcsweeney's, so great writing is a given, and unapologetically odd morsels can be expected. also, david chang is behind its conception, and anthony bourdain is said to have some part in it as well. i can h a r d l y WAIT!

well, i'm sure you shan't disagree that it might be time for a morning snack now. if only i had some leftover goat lying around....

until next time, loves.
have a most excellent tuesday...!


  1. mmmm - sounds good, I expect a dinner party next time I visit!

  2. ok, but only if we can roast a goat on a spit in the backyard next time i come home.


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