surprise! i'm still here. i just took a little hiatus from posting. sometimes it's all right to let these things grow a little mossy and wild, but now i'm back, with a vengeance.

let us begin. just today i was introduced to the artwork of uk-based artist angie lewin, whose prints and engravings instigate my semi-annual craving for a press of my own. lewin doesn't limit herself to one form of printmaking, which i thoroughly appreciate—she makes woodcuts, linocuts, lithographs and engravings, all of which are full of tangled grasses and blossoms. lewin actually studied horticulture, apparent in the substance and detail that she incorporates into her work.

she says:
Attracted to the relationships between plant communities on an intimate level, even the fine lines of insect eggs on a flower bud are observed in my work. Still lives often incorporate seedpods, grasses, flints and dried seaweed collected on walking and sketching trips. 
when i was little, i spent a lot of time sitting in the grass, picking up sticks and rocks and weeds, and looking very carefully at them. there is something endlessly cool about plants and the things you can find in nature—you notice something new about it each time you look closely. so i love that angie lewin doesn't ignore the insect eggs.

have a lovely wednesday!


  1. hey, cool, I just back from my hiatus as well! I love how you described it as letting things grow wild and a little mossy. I love that imagery. I also love these prints - thanks for sharing! I can imagine places for quite a few of them in my house...

  2. she IS brilliant, isn't she?

    charlotte! my hiatus was unplanned but lovely -- i enjoy a little wildness, don't you? something cool always comes up somewhere. :) welcome back!


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