the sky through trees

i'm back from music festival-land, sun in cheeks, clothes in laundry. summer + june planned a joint arrival, it would seem.

i've been going through leftover art magazines from the shop. whenever i do this, i'm always kind of astonished by the vast quantity of art in the world, and by the fact that all of it so distinctly expresses the plethora of ways in which human beings perceive and reflect certain moments.

today i found the work of the painter zhang enli in the pages of artforum. the leafy scallops of trees in his sky series remind me of china patterns.

that last image is not from the sky series, but it is too lovely and marvelous not to show you.
that'll do for today, i think...!



  1. a fun job going through art magazines!

  2. it is a lovely little pastime. :)


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