gall et al.

i've seen these marvelous nabokov covers before, but i hadn't yet looked into their creator. john gall conceived of the specimen box idea and, with various designers, has an entire nabokov collection to show for it. i love the idea of containing particular elements of a story under a glass case—it's brilliant. i love how designers like john gall think. and look at these covers!


here's a slideshow of all 18 covers that were designed as a part of this project, on which gall worked with several other artists + designers. i recognized some of the designers' names—peter mendelsund, stephen doyle, marian bantjes, chip kidd, dave eggers. it's so cool to see how each designer brought a particular title to life in their individual, artistic way.

speaking of peter mendelsund, remember his kafka series? that was supposed to possibly come out in june or july 2011? i haven't seen any of them yet... hmm. well, if there is any information to be had, i will find it out. hopefully i will have at least one of mendelsund's kafka covers in my hands by the end of the summer. now that borders is liquidating their entire chain, we all need to make sure we support the publishing industry by buying books LIKE CRAZY. i'm prrretty sure i'm doing my part. are you? teehee. maybe i've spurred you on today.

have a cool + shady tuesday.


  1. Are these all made out of paper? It looks like it. I love how delicate they are, really like a paper book come to fragile life! My favorite is King, Queen, Knave - I love the colors.

  2. that's the one mendelsund designed--it's one of my favorites, too! and yes, i believe they are made of paper. aren't they lovely?


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