i always have to wait until july. then i can really let myself believe it is summertime. i love all the messiness and heat and icy indulgences of summer. i love that laziness is allowed; the sloth that results from days of intense heat, your only activity angling for a spot directly in front of the fan or a/c, preferably with proximity to cold beverages. i love that it is perfectly okay to have ice cream for dinner if you just can't imagine eating anything that doesn't live in the freezer. i love beaches. thunderstorms. late light. summer reading. bare feet. sigh.

i should mention that it is a breezy, cloudy 73 degrees here right now (with, i might add, a predicted afternoon heat index of 105 degrees). so i am probably not to be trusted while waxing poetic on the drippingly humid, hot days that surely await, and which, in the moment, i will surely not appreciate in quite the same way.

but who cares? it's SUMMER. and so, let us indulge in some seasonal photographs culled from the new yorker's photobooth.

have a lovely friday, y'all.

images: 1+2, 3+4+5, 6, 7+8


  1. yay! yay for summertime! gorgeous summertime shots, they really capture the feel of the season.

    and I'm with you - bring on the heat! it doesn't feel like summer unless it's hot.

  2. yes! i love the extremes of midwestern seasons. maybe it's because i'm just SUCH a wisconsin girl. thanks for your comments, charlotte :)

  3. Wisconsin girls, unite! :)


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