of lamb

some amount of happiness has been rising over the publication of this lovely lovely volume, called of lamb. it was published by mcsweeney's and created by poet matthea harvey and artist amy jean porter. as harvey explains on her site, the poem-fragments are "from an erasure of a biography of charles lamb." i love the artwork, i love the poetic lines. the story feels complicated and intimate, something you can read into if you are so inclined... or something you can appreciate aesthetically if not in the mood for literary analysis. the artwork is dreamy and suits the verses completely. look!

lamb is such a sympathetic character. after all, i think we all have the need to be a favorite lamb, don't you? teehee.

nice for a rainy monday morning, i think.


  1. Saw this at the library a few weeks back and totally drooled over it.

  2. when's your birthday again?... :) i love this book!


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