on the cover of this year's creative review illustration annual is an illustration of the tools an illustrator uses. how very apt. it is a wonderful image, created by peter grundy. so naturally i wanted to see more of his colorful, sharp artistic stylings. and i've put them here for you to see as well, as is my custom. tra la!

wrong vs. right

how a new subway in nyc is built
technology at your fingertips!

it is hot and sticky here today, after a few weeks of really perfect weather. these are juicy and saturated enough with color + wit to make me forget the weather, if only for a few moments. they also are inspiring my grocery list. if that sounds odd, so be it. color speaks to me in many ways. teehee.

have a lovely day, all.


  1. Delicious color, I get the inspiration for that grocery list.


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