graphic pasta

i was recently looking at my small shelf of cookbooks and i saw the geometry of pasta shining out from the bunch. i bought it last year after spying on a copy we had behind the counter, and i fell in love with its black-and-white design aesthetic.

of course, there are also some very delicious recipes to be found inside. one of my favorites is gramigne pasta with cabbage and sausage. YUM. it is especially delicious in the wintertime.

so you see, it is not only a beautiful book, but very useful!

the perfect shape + the perfect sauce = the geometry of pasta.

if you want to see some of the lovely recipes from this book, go here.
if you would like your own lovely copy of this book, go here.

in other news, i apologize for my infrequent posting of late. evidently, some months are just better than others, creativity-wise. but i'm still here!

have a sweet wednesday.


  1. This would be a PERFECT gift for a friend of mine - thanks much for sharing! Pasta is one of my favorite things to eat too. :)

  2. you are most welcome, charlotte! pasta is SO delightful.


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