fox + food

these two lovely books were just released. we got them in at the shop this week, and i got my lucky hands on them both! first, let's talk about food rules, the book by michael pollan. i haven't yet read ANY michael pollan (i can hardly believe it, seeing as how food books are usually my #1 priority), but on tuesday i was happy that i hadn't yet invested in a copy of food rulesb e c a u s e. . . .

... of this beautiful edition, illustrated by one of my art heroes, maira kalman. it is illustrated lushly, in kalman's wonderful, no-white-space aesthetic, and it is a hardcover, which makes it a pure gem. (while i have started to appreciate the paperback, my heart remains loyal to the hardcover.) i can't wait to read it!

next is a book that was a sweet surprise for me today:

mr. fox, by helen oyeyemi. this was recommended to me by a trusted fellow bookperson, both on account of its literary merit and its gor-geous cover art! aha. i love that cover illustration. it is by the illustrator, randolph caldecott (after whom the caldecott medal is named), and trust me, i will be doing a post on his work soon. for now, let me focus on the jacket co-designer, helen yentus:

she also deserves her own post. for now, i love her designs. i always linger over the camus when i'm shelving. you know, i suppose a lot of folks might think it silly to like a book simply because of how it looks, but in my opinion, good books deserve striking covers. otherwise, you might pass right over them.

two excellent volumes. today has been a good day. i am excited to read these.
of course, i still have to finish the books i'm reading at the moment. all in good time, my pretties. all in good time.

and now: good wednesday evening to all.


  1. I think I need that Michael Pollen book, give us a review. Love to read these posts about book covers.

  2. maybe you will find one under the tree this year...? :) i will read it and let you know!


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