moving along

oh chicago. i'm trading you in for a new place. it's not you... it's me.

it's true—i'm traveling away from the windy city for a spell. i have until the end of november to say my goodbyes—and daydream about my new beginning. this is the fun part, where my future reality is still more or less unknown, and i can just pretend everything is going to be the way my rose-colored imagination dreams it will. whenever i move somewhere new, i do the same thing—daydream about my new apartment, and spy on other people's apartments, and picture the lives of those people.


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i guess i don't indulge my interior design junkie here very often, and honestly, i'm not sure you could really call me a "junkie" for furniture and things. still, i have a certain idea of what i want. and when one is preparing to uproot oneself, it can be a comfort to curl up into your daydreams. for me, that means spying on other people's apartments. you understand, of course!... maybe...

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so i think my thanksgiving will be spent daydreaming and being very thankful, with a dash of stress in there. luckily there will be lots of delicious things to focus on... and drown my sorrows in. yay thanksgiving!

hope you all enjoy yours.

(more updates forthcoming!)