i love snow. i really do. i love blizzards and cold weather and nobody else seems to. it goes beyond the idea that this is the type of weather we should be having right now—it's that this weather IS the midwest. why begrudge it when you could just be at peace with it? there is no need to ruffle your feathers over snow and cold... after all, it is winter time. in wisconsin. so just be still and embrace the things your home-place gives you.

*          *          *

my little notes here are few and far between, i know. i think that this space will be evolving in the coming months—to reflect where i am at the moment, and what i'm thinking about. right now it is winter and i am a little short on inspiration, and since i'm not a person who cares to share everything that is on her mind at all times like others of my generation... i think a little silence is all right. don't you?

but i'm still going to carry on about books. to wit: the steven millhauser book of short stories i'm reading right now is pure goodness. nothing like a cuppa and a collection of the most absorbing stories i've read lately to make the hours feel like seconds. seriously, you guys. i think the whole world could benefit from a good short story. and steven millhauser writes such brilliant ones. 

 until next time. and don't worry, because i don't have plans to turn this into one of those confessional, things-i-love blogs. even though some of those are quite nice, on the right day, anyway.—