glass houses

after a long hiatus, i saw the work of an artist that drew me back to this space. it isn't that i don't love writing about art or things i see that are striking, but there are so many of us out there that i hate to add my 2 cents to a sea of pennies, where it just gets lost. sometimes it's better to keep things to yourself.

but some things simply beg to be shared!

los angeles native tom fruin is a brooklyn-based artist who caught my eye with his stained [plexi]glass sculpture.

(i think some people think stained glass is too kitsch to be artistic, but they are benighted and frankly incorrect about this, which fruin easily proves with his work.)

fruin crafts his pieces from found materials including plexi-glas, signs, playing cards, and soda cans.

the piece i saw first was his salvaged plexi-glas water tower in DUMBO, brooklyn.

from the inside.

knowing that his work is made from salvaged materials makes all the difference. maybe you'll find what you need, maybe you won't. here's a hotel sign TF made from found signs:

and a few others that are very worth seeing... all made of salvaged items as well.

a quilt made of found drug bags.

"jacked daniels" -- a bronze cast amid hand-sharpened found bottles

until next time, loveys!


  1. I just saw this post, and I love it! These pieces are very cool. "Jacked Daniels." Ha.


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