los azules.

on days when it feels like january will last forever, i imagine being somewhere else. i've mentioned it before, but last year, i lived in sevilla, spain. and MAN do i miss that place right now. so i rifled through my photographs and found these happy reminders.

it's not as though spain is full of buildings that look like candy, hilarious jaunty swimmers and bright, tasty days all year round... but still. deep into midwestern winter, a girl could do with a few coffee and beer breaks a day. not to mention a nice, three-hour-long siesta in the afternoon... followed by solomillo al whisky, buey a la mostaza antigua, and a tinto de verano. spaaain. you know how to live. y de ti soñaré este finde.

have a dreamy weekend.


  1. Most definitely agreed.

  2. How wonderful would it be to get away to somewhere where the buildings look like candy and there's sun!
    Beautiful photographs

  3. ate potatoes and eggs recently and thought to myself (and thought of you), wow, if i could take this crummy grey sky and turn it into that beautiful shade of andalucian almost-cobalt blue, well damn well let me day-dream :P i'll write you an email soon dearie! x x

  4. helps to unpack those memories to get you through the winter -- love the choice of photos


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