lynda b is coming to town

i am going out into the world of book events once again this evening in my official capacity as bookgirl. lynda barry is coming to town and i shall be charged with selling books and knowing things, such as book prices and where the bathrooms are and basic addition. and then i get to attend! hooray. i'm a lucky so-and-so sometimes.

now, some of you may be wondering whether you should know who lynda barry is. she is a graphic novelist and comic artist who has had quite a respectable amount of nonmainstream success. she has a bit of a cult following, much like chris ware and charles burns do. [fun fact! she went to the same high school as c. burns.] {bonus fun fact! she went to college with matt groening.}

last but not least, she is a native wisconsinite, born in richland center. (can you believe it? i almost can't.)

now: her art!

her watercolor style translates wonderfully in her stories, and her images always have a mischievous edge to them, which i love. i am very much looking forward to meeting her & hearing her speak. yay!

i hope you all enjoy your tuesday nights as much as i think i am going to enjoy mine...!
until tomorrow—


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