cy: also a photographer.

everyone knows the late cy twombly was a painter. maybe fewer people realize that he was also a photographer—a fact of which i was reminded by the new yorker. he'd published a few photography books, the last having come out in april of this year. what do you think?

lemon, gaeta, 2008

tulips, rome, 1985

yard sale, lexington, 2008

brushes, lexington, 2005

cabbages, gaeta, 1998

sunset, gaeta, 2008

i love cy twombly. he is a master of color, in my opinion. and isn't it fabulous that there's no difference between the quality of images taken in the 1980's and those taken just a few years ago? i especially like the "yard sale" photograph. like i said: cy was a master of color.

onward to friday and the weekend...!
have a lovely one.


  1. thanks for sharing these! I'm going to check out his photography books.

  2. oh me too. :) thanks for reading.


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