anders nilsen just published a book called big questions with drawn & quarterly and it reminded me that i quite enjoy his work. his drawings and comics were featured in my all-time favorite MCA exhibit, in which the artwork of chicago-based graphic novelists/artists was displayed together. lilli carré was also featured.

anyway: i love chicago and i love local art. i can't believe i haven't yet posted about anders nilsen. allow me to rectify the situation today.

he's done some wonderful book covers also, for d&q + penguin + norton + all the other cool people in publishing...

AND, he has a blog. if you're in the chicago area, you can meet him tonight at lula café in logan square, where he's doing some book signing...! that place has excellent food.

well, that's all for today. everyone raise a glass to the end of august... fall is coming!
have a nice little tuesday.