middle march

just some notes—on life + springtime + ivan brunetti, among other things.

i like books, but i recently bought a bird book, which i've never felt moved to do before. i realized there were so many sounds outside these days that i didn't recognize. it's spring, and everything seems new. my plants are growing and the sun comes out and there's enough time and light in the evening, after work, to sit outside and look at the sky. these days the birds wake me up in the mornings.

in other book news, i'm reading hope: a tragedy and really liking it. shalom auslander is one gutsy jewish author. i'm already thinking and daydreaming about what i'll read next—but at the moment, one book is enough. i find myself trying to avoid my computer screen and soak up the spring instead. yesterday i took a walk to the lake and sat there awhile, rather than stay inside, wanting to get out.

i have started to subscribe to the new yorker... what a marvelous publication. and the covers! maira kalman's illustration is on the latest cover, and a bit before that an ivan brunetti drawing. i've never written about brunetti before, but he's one of those wonderfully meticulous graphic artists, on the same aesthetic level as chris ware, who makes pictures that are full of perfect tiny details. have a look.

it's been awhile since i read a graphic novel. brunetti wrote the above tiny volume, cartooning, that i would often find hidden between the larger hardcover graphic novels at the bookshop. it was one of those things where i'd look for it just so i'd know it was still there. i should find it someday and put it on my own bookshelves. here's a sweet interview with brunetti at bookslut.

this was my march note. i can't believe it's been nearly three months since i last left a note here, but that is the way of things, sometimes. feliz primavera! more soon, or at least, once i have more to say.


  1. Good to see you here again! I always learn something when I read your posts.

  2. thanks :) maybe this was the tipping point for another season of blogging...?


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